Monday, November 14

Giant Mechanical Men Rob Shore City Bank

SHORE CITY - For the second time in as many weeks mysterious mechanical automatons have violently robbed a Shore City institution.

Witnesses say that the mechanical men flew in from the sky and burst through the walls of Shore City's 1st National Bank. The mechanical men tossed bankers around like rag dolls and tore the vault door like paper.

"Their strength was incomprehensible," said a terrorized banker Mr. J. Pennies Morgan.

Others said that these mechanical men were heavily armed.

"They fired flames from their mouths," said one horrified witness. "I thought they were going to just kill us all. Just kill us!"

It is thought that these same mechanical men robbed the jewelry vault of the Kroninski Brothers. Both brothers were killed in that incident.

Police are baffled as to origin of these 'living' machines. Mayor McGuiness is considering declaring a state of emergency and calling in the National Guard.