Friday, November 25

Are Meta-Humans A Fascist Plot?

SHORE CITY UNIVERSITY - Professor Otto F. Wortham of Shore City University believes so.

Since the infamous surprise attack on Pearl Harbor last December dragging our great country into the War, Professor Wortham claims that he has evidence to show that this odd appearance of these colorful 'Supermen' are a Nazi plot to weaken the resolve of the United States.

"Where were these so-called 'heroes' before America was attacked?" said the Professor . "Why didn't they stop the attack in Hawaii or the bombing of London? They must be working for the Enemy"

Professor Wortham puts the blame on Professor Hollis James Dickersham, the father of Meta-humanity, now known as Lord Genovasis. "Professor Dickersham was irresponsible in the way he handled his discoveries. The very existence of humanity is in jeopardy due to his recklessness."

Professor Wortham believes these characters to be America's gravest threat, but there are many others that disagree.

"These men and women that have been blessed with powers far beyond those of us mere mortals have proven themselves by standing with America in the fight against tyranny," said Senator Henry Knight speaking at a fund raiser accompanied by Captain Triumph. "They are true American Heroes!"