Tuesday, June 19

Golden Age Wrap Up

With the destruction of Castle Drachenhaus the Nazi's meta-human research was forever disrupted.  The whereabouts of Professor Drachen and his bodyguard, Black Diamond were a mystery.  It is believed that after the war, he went over to the Russians and continued work on his experiments for the Reds.

By the end of '43 the tides of this brutal war slowly began to shift in the favor of the allies.  By mid '44, the liberation of France was underway.  It was during this time that reports began to surface about whole squads of Nazi SS troops found dead, having been brutally beaten and hung by their necks in the forests of Germany and France.  It was a horrific nail in the coffin of Hitler's Reich. 

Vanguard 13, believed to have died during an investigation into a weapons smuggling ring in Shore City (see news article), remained undercover throughout the rest of the war; aiding the troops mostly on the European front.  Other Vanguard teams fought in Africa, Italy and in Asia.  Some groups survived but many were put out of commission.

By June of '45 the Nazi's were defeated, the full horror of their bloody reign only beginning to come to light.  Two months later the first Atomic Bombs were dropped on Japan bringing an end to the second World War and opening the doors to the Atomic Age.

Evidence recovered by Vanguard 13 and Automaton shows that Hitler and the Nazi's may have had otherworldly allies aiding them at least in the beginnings of the war.  When Nazi war criminals were interrogated, not much was discovered about these mysterious allies but one word came to light; The Mogul.

With the War To End All Wars  over and the Cold War having begun, the US government brought the remaining Vanguard groups out of the public spotlight and had them working undercover against the Reds and other more sinister enemies. Superheroes were somewhat forgotten during America's prosperous years after the war as most just wanted to forget the bloody fighting of the 1940's.  But with the dawn of the 1960's and the assassination of President Kennedy, the innocence of those years were abruptly brought to an end and a new Silver Age had begun!

Horrific Discoveries In France

FRANCE - A gruesome scene was discovered in the forests outside of Bar-le-Duc, France.  Eighteen German SS soldiers were found brutally beaten and hung by their necks. 

Believed to be victims of vengeful free Frenchmen, investigation has uncovered other similar scenes.

Outside of Beauvais and Laon more German soldiers have been discovered in the same state.

The French whisper the words exécuteur while some German prisoners mention the word henker - Hangman.

It seems the Germans are reaping what they have sown.

Friday, May 11

Major Clash Above The English Channel

LONDON - Britain's own hero of liberty, the Crusader, battled hand to hand with the Nazi's armored weapon the Iron Cross.

It was a cataclysmic battle high above the rough seas of the Channel but the Crusader proved no matched for the Nazi's death machine.  The Crusader plummeted to earth defeated while  onlookers watched helplessly.

"Just as you're worthless icon fell at my had," shouted the Iron Cross over a type of built-in loudspeaker. "so shall your weak allied forces fall before the might of the new Reich!" He then flew off back towards the occupied mainland.

The Crusader was rescued by sea and appeared to be battered and bruised but his fighting spirit was strong as he vowed to face the Iron devil once again.

Thursday, May 10

New Menace Overseas

LONDON - A major setback in the war effort overseas occurred earlier this week when allied bombers, making their first foray into beyond the borders of Germany, were attacked and destroyed by a flying, armored, swastika emblazoned menace.

Survivors claim that this Axis figure flew through the air smashing through B-17 bomber wings and deflecting heavy gun-fire.  He also reportedly destroyed fighter escort planes from a distance.

High ranking RAF officials remaining anonymous fear that this new Nazi weapon could change the balance of power in the war unless something can be done to counter this move.

This armored threat has been christened the Iron Cross.

Tuesday, May 8

Vanguard 13 Missing, Believed Dead!

SHORE CITY - Shore City's very own Vanguard team has gone missing and is believed to have met their demise in a mission to protect this city from Nazi spies.

Facts still remain vague but according to unnamed sources, V13 was investigating the erupting gang-war involving someone called the Mogul.  Their investigations lead them to a Nazi spy ring.  In pursuit of the fleeing suspects, V13 is believed to have entangled these high above the Atlantic Ocean.  They have not been heard from since.

No clues as to their fate has been found on either side of the Atlantic but the remains of what appeared to be an air-ship with Nazi insignia was found by a US battleship.  It is believed that this may be a clue to what may have happened to Shore City's fighting force.

Shore City reporter Penelope Kirt, who was interviewing Lord Genovasis around the time of their disappearance, has also gone missing.  Her fate as well is unknown.

Vanguard 13 has been responsible for the defeat of a series of thefts and sabotage by Nazi robots as well Mr. Roboto's giant robot attack on the city.

"They have given their lives in defense of this great nation," said Senator Henry Knight.

A memorial is being planned by the city for a week from next Wednesday.

VANGUARD 13 circa 1942:  King Cobra, Automaton, Lord Genovasis, Prophylactica,
The Scarlet Hood, Col. "Popeye" Sanders.  Nate Brown, aka the Sponge, is not pictured.

Monday, April 30

Crime Wave Plagues City

SHORE CITY - Citizens are growing concerned with a rash crime spreading across the city. Break-ins, robberies, and murders have been on the rise for the last month. Much of the violence appears to be linked to mob activity.

The Shore City Police Department is having trouble keeping up with the rise in crime. Police Chief Robert O'Malley said, "We are certainly seeing an unusual level of criminal activity. We are stepping up patrols. There appears to be some sort of power struggle going on between several of the crime families."

Shore City's resident super-teams are doing their part. "I am sure it is just the OctoFather and his criminal organization up to its old tricks," said Captain Victory of the Golden Gladiators. "Never fear citizens. The Golden Gladiators will bring these criminal goons to justice." He then proceeded to sign autographs.

The new super-team, Vanguard 13, fresh off their victory over the evil Mister Roboto and his giant mechanical monster, has been fighting back against the crime wave. King Cobra and Automaton, the Mechanical Marvel, recently stopped grocery store hold-up. Lord Genovasis and Prophylactica sent two muggers to the hospital on Monday, both muggers are in critical condition.

"These genetically impaired criminals will bow before the superiority of the meta-humans," said Lord Genovasis, father of the meta-humans. "The scoundrels and gangsters of Shore City will realize the wisdom of submitting to the leadership of meta-humans as will the rest of humanity." Before this reporter could ask for a follow up, Genovasis was pulled away by one of Vanguard 13's army handlers.

Sunday, April 29

Vanguard Victorious

Supers Stop Robot Rampage

SHORE CITY - The city was rocked today by a nefarious attack by Jap saboteur Mister Roboto. The villain rampaged down main street in a giant robot. The 50 foot tall metal monstrosity flipped cars, terrorized citizens, and smashed buildings.

The attack went unopposed for nearly twenty minutes. There appeared to be no hope to stop the evil Roboto. Despite their valiant attempts, Shore City police were powerless against the thick metal armor of the mechanical menace.

Then, salvation appeared from the sky.

Vanguard 13 appeared on the scene flying in their custom built Auto-Gyro. Citizens watched in horror as the flying machine was shot down by Roboto’s blazing guns. Total disaster was averted by quick maneuvering of Lord Genovasis. He acrobatically flipped out of the helicopter, grew to enormous size, and caught the helicopter before it was dashed to pieces.

After battling Roboto’s henchmen, the team took the giant robot head on. A negro man known only as the Sponge, disappeared and reappeared inside the cockpit of the rampaging robot. While he scuffled with Roboto, Lord Genovasis grew to 20 feet in height. He proceeded to sock the robot where it counts.

The robot went down and Mister Robot was taken back into custody.

Look out Golden Gladiators, Vanguard 13 is the super team on the scene.