Thursday, February 2

There is new hero about town: Automaton the Mechanical Marvel

SHORE CITY - Last week Shore City saw a new kind of hero burst onto the scene. Automaton is a synthetic man unveiled to world during a lecture by Professor Millicent Barnes.

As Professor Barnes, Shore City’s first female engineering professor, introduced the machine and described the inner workings of its artificial mind, the Old Mercantile Exchange just outside the lecture hall was attacked by the dastardly metal horrors that had plagued Shore City for weeks. After quite a show, Automaton, the infamous Lord Genovasis, and an unidentified colored man stood victorious over the machines. The crowd was not sure of Automaton and turned on the machine before the army broke up the crowd. The mechanical man is now reportedly involved with a mysterious new superhero team.

Where did this new synthetic hero come from? What makes it work? Do we have anything to fear from a mechanical here? We interviewed Professor Barnes to get to the bottom of the Mechanical Marvel.

We first asked the professor what makes Automaton tick. Is it alive?

“Well, that depends on you definition of ‘alive’, doesn’t it?” said 51 year old professor. “Automaton is a sophisticated mechanical construct. His mind is made up of thousands of compumatic nodes. These structures allow him to reason. His mental capabilities are that of an above average human. In some areas, he mental abilities far outstrip that of normal men.”

As Shore City is still smarting from weeks of attacks by mechanical men, why should the city trust a mechanical man like Automaton?

“I have worked tirelessly with Automaton to train him to use abilities with utmost care. He knows right from wrong. His primary objective is to protect the citizens of Shore City,” said Barnes.

Finally, we had to confront the professor with the rumor that has dogged her since Automaton was unveiled. Some have said that Automaton is in fact not the creation of Professor Barnes. They claim that the machine is actually the creation of the Japanese criminal mastermind Tagiomi Takeda aka Mister Roboto.
“I will not respond to rumors,” responded Barnes. She then abruptly ended the interview and left.

Only time will tell if Automaton is a new kind of hero or a new kind of foe.