Tuesday, January 24

A Falling Star Falling Up?

OTUSBERG, OHIO - Rural citizens two hundred miles south of Shore City were quite startled at 1:23 am when they were suddenly awoken by a rumbling roar and the site of a falling star falling - - upwards?

"I was out checking on the cows, on account as they was'a restless, when I 'eard this-a roar like nothin' I ever 'eard before," said Morris Tucker a local farmer. "Then when I's'a look I sees dis here fallin' star, only it ain't'a fallin'. It was going upward into the sky. I ain't ever seen anything like it".

Other witnesses speak of seeing and hearing much of the same thing, of some fiery object rising from the earth heading into the heavens.

With the war going on in Europe many folks are on edge.

"I says it was dem dang Nazis," said store owner Carl "Tubby" Danvers.

Whatever it might have been it was the talk of the town.

Later that morning a convoy of military trucks were seen traveling in the direction of an abandoned farm and the area had been cordoned off.