Monday, March 19


SHORE CITY - Notorious Jap saboteur and mad scientist Tagiomi Takeda aka Mister Roboto has escaped from Iron Island Prison.

A guard noticed Roboto's cell empty at 4am. One of the prisoners said the regular night guard opened the cell and took Roboto with him. The prisoner remarked that the guard looked odd and walked stiffly. After Roboto's disappearance was discovered, the night guard was found bound and gagged without his uniform.

"The incident is still under investigation," said Warden Donald Wheeler. He had no further comment.

The strangest part of the tale comes from a fisherman coming into dock late that night. "It was awful late and awful foggy, but I saw the queerest thing," said Art Grenman. "I was sailing past Iron Island like any other night. When I saw a huge hand come up out of the water. Almost as big as my boat. It picked up a man from the shore and disappeared. I swear on my mother's grave. I swear I was sober. Well, mostly sober."

Roboto was convicted of espionage and sabotage and was serving multiple life sentences. Roboto could be armed and should beconsidered extremely dangerous. Do not approach him. Contact authorities with any information.

Iron Island is on lock-down and Shore City authorities remain on high alert.