Monday, March 26

Super Team a Super Bust?

SHORE CITY - Two months ago Shore City saw the birth of a new super team. Or did it?

For weeks, Shore City had been terrorized by marauding metal men. These nefarious machines attacked several sites around town including Acme Aviation air-field.

Their onslaught was brought to a halt when the metal men attacked Old Mercantile Exchange. The attack was stopped by three superheroes: the controversial Lord Genovasis, Automaton the Mechanical Marvel, and a still unknown colored man. The machines were taken down one by one. Once the battle was over, the group of heroes were whisked away by the US Army.

Little else has been heard from this new group of heroes over the past two months. There were reports of activity from the super team at a farm outside of Shore City, but the Army will not comment on any activity. Anonymous sources at the Maudlin Army Base say that the Army is frustrated with the progress of this government backed superhero group. Even public appearances by Lord Genovasis have been less than normal.

What happened to this super team? Why haven't we heard from them in two months? Will the government pull the plug? Or will this mysterious group burst back onto the scene?