Sunday, January 1

Monsterous Metal-Men Strike Again!

ACME AVIATION - For the third time in as many weeks the mysterious metal monsters have caused havoc in Shore City.

Six twelve foot tall, heavily armed metal automatons attacked the Acme Aviation's air-field during a test flight of the Air Force's new top-secret war plane.

The new experimental aeroplane, the XP-56 Wing Bomber was being flown by ace test-pilot Michael Gallant.

During the attack, Gallant expertly maneuvered the XP-56, avoiding fire from the metallic onslaught. Before any other fighters could be scrambled the XP-56 was hit. In one final valiant effort, Gallant banked the fiery aeroplane into one of the flying metal men destroying it and the XP-56. Michael Gallant died in the battle.

Those on the scene say that the Metal Monsters appeared to focus their attack directly at the XP-56 which lead officials to believe that this was a deliberate act of sabotage by Axis spies.

The Golden Gladiators appeared on the scene shortly afterwards. Captain Victory seemed most distraught and vowed to track these saboteurs down no matter where they may be hiding and bring them to justice.

Services for Michael Gallant will be held this weekend.