Monday, January 23

Metal Monsters Defeated!

SHORE CITY - Yesterday saw the return of the giant metal machines that have been wrecking havoc in Shore City. Their target was the Old Mercantile Exchange on Tuska Avenue.

No sooner had two of the three robots burst into the building in a blaze of gunfire when another metallic being walked out of the Hogarth Lecture Hall across the street and engaged the villainous robot.

The metal being, now known as Automaton, saved a number of citizens from the gunfire of the devious machine before it was taken down by what appeared to be a janitor.

It was then that the infamous Lord Genovasis appeared on the scene.

While preaching his usual rhetoric of meta-human supremacy, he was attacked from behind by the two remaining machines leaving the Mercantile Exchange.

The battle lasted mere moments but the two machines were destroyed and the three mystery men were victorious.

However, the battered and fearful citizens turned their rage upon Automaton and began to attack him but were soon dissuaded by the twenty foot presence of Lord Genovasis.

Before more chaos erupted a convoy of military trucks appeared. After a brief discussion with the three mysterious 'heroes' who were joined by Professor Millicent Barnes, they boarded a military truck and drove off.

It is not known what the connection is between these three figures and the military but sources say that there may be a new group of 'super-heroes' in town to give the Golden Gladiators a run for their money.

The disabled machines were placed onto trucks and hauled away.

Six Mercantile Exchange security guards were killed in the attempted robbery and scores injured in the violent chaos.