Tuesday, March 27

Police Search For Scarlet Killer

SHORE CITY - A mysterious shrouded figure known only as the Scarlet Hood is wanted by Shore City police for questioning in the execution style death of two gangland thugs in Old Town yesterday evening.

Witnesses say that the scarlet clad vigilante chased the two gun wielding thugs down an alley before preceding to beat them bloody with a wooden staff. After a tense exchange, the Scarlet Hood was heard to say "…the Scarlet Hood has passed judgement and you are found guilty." He then pulled out a pistol and shot dead the two thugs.

"After he shot them he just plain vanished," said one witness wishing to remain anonymous. When pressed on how the Scarlet Hood got away, the witness emphasized that the scarlet avenger just disappeared. "One minute he was there and the next he was gone. Poof! Just like that. Gave me the willies!"

Police are having trouble tracking down leads due to the tight-lipped nature of the neighborhood.

"We can't have these vigilantes taking the law into their own hands," says precinct captain Alister McCrosky. "Let the police do their work. We don't need no help from a bunch of masked lawbreakers. If you ask me, they should all be outlawed."

Police are asking that if you have any information about the mysterious Scarlet Hood to please pass the information along to the Old Town Precinct.