Sunday, April 29

Vanguard Victorious

Supers Stop Robot Rampage

SHORE CITY - The city was rocked today by a nefarious attack by Jap saboteur Mister Roboto. The villain rampaged down main street in a giant robot. The 50 foot tall metal monstrosity flipped cars, terrorized citizens, and smashed buildings.

The attack went unopposed for nearly twenty minutes. There appeared to be no hope to stop the evil Roboto. Despite their valiant attempts, Shore City police were powerless against the thick metal armor of the mechanical menace.

Then, salvation appeared from the sky.

Vanguard 13 appeared on the scene flying in their custom built Auto-Gyro. Citizens watched in horror as the flying machine was shot down by Roboto’s blazing guns. Total disaster was averted by quick maneuvering of Lord Genovasis. He acrobatically flipped out of the helicopter, grew to enormous size, and caught the helicopter before it was dashed to pieces.

After battling Roboto’s henchmen, the team took the giant robot head on. A negro man known only as the Sponge, disappeared and reappeared inside the cockpit of the rampaging robot. While he scuffled with Roboto, Lord Genovasis grew to 20 feet in height. He proceeded to sock the robot where it counts.

The robot went down and Mister Robot was taken back into custody.

Look out Golden Gladiators, Vanguard 13 is the super team on the scene.