Monday, April 30

Crime Wave Plagues City

SHORE CITY - Citizens are growing concerned with a rash crime spreading across the city. Break-ins, robberies, and murders have been on the rise for the last month. Much of the violence appears to be linked to mob activity.

The Shore City Police Department is having trouble keeping up with the rise in crime. Police Chief Robert O'Malley said, "We are certainly seeing an unusual level of criminal activity. We are stepping up patrols. There appears to be some sort of power struggle going on between several of the crime families."

Shore City's resident super-teams are doing their part. "I am sure it is just the OctoFather and his criminal organization up to its old tricks," said Captain Victory of the Golden Gladiators. "Never fear citizens. The Golden Gladiators will bring these criminal goons to justice." He then proceeded to sign autographs.

The new super-team, Vanguard 13, fresh off their victory over the evil Mister Roboto and his giant mechanical monster, has been fighting back against the crime wave. King Cobra and Automaton, the Mechanical Marvel, recently stopped grocery store hold-up. Lord Genovasis and Prophylactica sent two muggers to the hospital on Monday, both muggers are in critical condition.

"These genetically impaired criminals will bow before the superiority of the meta-humans," said Lord Genovasis, father of the meta-humans. "The scoundrels and gangsters of Shore City will realize the wisdom of submitting to the leadership of meta-humans as will the rest of humanity." Before this reporter could ask for a follow up, Genovasis was pulled away by one of Vanguard 13's army handlers.