Tuesday, May 8

Vanguard 13 Missing, Believed Dead!

SHORE CITY - Shore City's very own Vanguard team has gone missing and is believed to have met their demise in a mission to protect this city from Nazi spies.

Facts still remain vague but according to unnamed sources, V13 was investigating the erupting gang-war involving someone called the Mogul.  Their investigations lead them to a Nazi spy ring.  In pursuit of the fleeing suspects, V13 is believed to have entangled these high above the Atlantic Ocean.  They have not been heard from since.

No clues as to their fate has been found on either side of the Atlantic but the remains of what appeared to be an air-ship with Nazi insignia was found by a US battleship.  It is believed that this may be a clue to what may have happened to Shore City's fighting force.

Shore City reporter Penelope Kirt, who was interviewing Lord Genovasis around the time of their disappearance, has also gone missing.  Her fate as well is unknown.

Vanguard 13 has been responsible for the defeat of a series of thefts and sabotage by Nazi robots as well Mr. Roboto's giant robot attack on the city.

"They have given their lives in defense of this great nation," said Senator Henry Knight.

A memorial is being planned by the city for a week from next Wednesday.

VANGUARD 13 circa 1942:  King Cobra, Automaton, Lord Genovasis, Prophylactica,
The Scarlet Hood, Col. "Popeye" Sanders.  Nate Brown, aka the Sponge, is not pictured.